Especialistas en Enmarcación de Obras de Arte


Natural Picture Frames

Massive natural moldings finished with natural waxes or hand-varnished. You can choose betwee a wide variety of wood types for its production: Beech, Koto, Manzonia, Walnut, Maple, Cherry, Elelon, Embero, Sicoromo, among others.

Home-Produced Frames

Natural moldings and stable woods for crafts, carvings, gold water, polychromy, and so on.

Decorated Frames

Decoration frames, under request, with customized finishes: white veiled watery, black and whte more covered, overall colours... hand-made once the framework is over.

Lacquered Frames

You have the option of lacquer the frame, once the framework is completed, to conceal miters. Available in any colour.

Aluminum Frames

Wide catalogue of moldings and wide variety of colours for all formats: paintings, showcases, posters or photographs.

Round or Oval frames

Picture frames under request in any type of wood.

Wooden Stretchers

Preparation of stretchers with wedges for the tighthening of the fabrics. All our frames include beveled stretchers for an easier placement.

Climate Showcase Frames

Adaptation of modern vintage or modern frames to climate conditioned showcases. It includes humidity regulator, absort or data loguer.

Iron and Stainless Steel Frames

Own models.