Especialistas en Enmarcación de Obras de Arte


Colourless Methacrylate

Extra clear. You can choose the thickness: 0,3 mm, 0,4 mm, 0,5 mm.

Colourless Unscratched Methacrylate

Extra clear with aggressive front film to prevent scratches. Thickness choice: 0,3 mm, 0,4 mm, 0,5 mm.

Colourless U.V.A Methacrylate

Extra clear. Avoids the effect of ultraviolet rays in a 95%. Available thickness: 0,3 mm, 0,4 mm.

Antiglare Optium Methacrylate

Without static electricity and antiglare. You do not lose the sight of the work. It has protection.

Antiglare Methacrylate

It has a glossy side that prevents the glares. Not recommended in frameworks with separation chambers.

Manufacture of Methacrylate

Used in supports for books, methacrylate showcases with different bases, bells to protect the sculptures, special pieces with own design to hold works, and so on.